The Hero Forge


While most Commission Artists choose to charge on a per model or per project basis, you pay simply for the time I spend working on your project. Whether that be 8 hours or 80 hours, the cost will simply be my time, plus any materials that are required to complete things (including paint/glues/scenic bits), plus postage costs and any additional fees that your payment method of choice will add.

My working rate is £7.50/hr ($12), regardless of whether I'm assembling squads of Space Marines or working on an exhibition quality Dreadnought.

Why so much? Because once the taxman gets his cut of what I make, I actually only end up working slightly above the UK minimum wage. Sadly this is not something I can do full time unless I'm being compensated fairly for it.


The size of the deposit depends on the size of the project. Minimum deposit on any project is 25% of the estimated final price, while for large projects (those where the estimated final price is greater than £500) the deposit increases to 30% of said estimate.

Deposits represent a commitment from you to the project, and security for me in that even if things go south, I at least haven't wasted all of my time.

A deposit will be taken on every project, and will be expected before any work begins. In the event of you electing me to purchase any parts on your behalf, this parts cost will be added to the cost of the deposit.


Payment of deposits and final balances can be made via a direct bank transfer, through Paypal (though Paypal fees may add extra cost to the order), or, in the case of local contracts, in person. Only when an outstanding balance has been paid will your order be shipped to you.

Work on a project will begin once the deposit has been paid, though in cases where parts need to be ordered by me, rather than a client pre-purchasing, there will naturally be some delay while we wait for the outlet of choice to pack and ship the items. The length of delay largely depends on where the parts come from, since some retailers can deliver within a matter of days, while others appear to order new stock for mail orders as the orders come in, leading to delays of up to 4 weeks in some cases.

In any case, once the parts have arrived in their entirety, your project will be completed as soon after that as we have agreed on.

Once a project is complete, payment on the oustanding balance must be made within 7 days. The reason for this is that I have bills to pay, and a strong desire to eat, so I unfortunately can't be expected to sit on finished projects for weeks (or even months!) waiting for payment that may never come. If an unexpected expense comes up mid way through a project that would leave you unable to pay the final balance around the time of completion, please do contact me and let me know. Given a reasonable warning, there are any number of alternative payment options that can be explored. Whether that be payment via installments or putting the whole project on the backburner for a short period, it's not necessarily the end of the world.

Cancellation & Non-Payment

In the event of a project having to be cancelled midway through proceedings, whether because it can just no longer be afforded, or because you simply changed your mind, there are a few things to note.

The amount of your deposit that will be refunded depends entirely on how much work has been done to that point.

If it was simply a case of a few boxes being opened and maybe an hours worth of my time spent, it would merely be a case of packing everything up again, deducting the cost of postage back to you from the deposit, and refunding the remainder.

If more than an hours worth of time has been spent on things, then I will deduct the time I've spent working on things plus the cost of postage from the deposit, and refund the remainder.

In situations where the time spent exceeds the deposit, then I have no choice but to retain any parts, attempt to finish the project out of my own pocket, and find an alternative buyer. The only exception to this is if we are able to come to an arrangement that results in the time I've spent being compensated, at which point any works in progress can be returned. Obviously cases like this are not ideal for any of the parties involved, so if you have any doubts on a project, I would urge you to raise them early, so that at least then you have a chance of seeing some of your deposit returned.

In cases where a project is completed and neither payment nor explanation are forthcoming within the 7 day period, I again will have no choice but to retain the finished product and the deposit and find an alternative buyer. This is a terrible position for both parties to be in, since you have lost your miniatures and deposit, and I end up sitting on a finished project while hoping someone else will come along and want the same thing you wanted.

Again - If you have any doubts at all regarding payment, please raise them early. It's much easier to work around a problem if we know how we're going to deal with it in advance, rather than waiting until the last moment and causing unnecessary hassle for all parties.