The Hero Forge


The Hero Forge accepts commission projects for both pre-cast terrain pieces and custom scratchbuilds.

Pre-cast terrain pieces mainly involve some minor assembly (though you can send items you have assembled yourself if you wish) and painting, while custom scratchbuilds tend to be more time and material intensive.

If you have an idea for a piece of terrain you'd like to use on your gaming table, it's as simple as getting in touch to discuss the details.

For pre-cast items this will be a pretty straightforward process, since there are few design elements to consider, and assembly tends to be pretty quick. Once a colourscheme has been settled upon, and a deposit received, work can begin.

When dealing with custom terrain pieces, there will be some time spent on figuring out the dimensions, size and scale of a piece, and getting more precise details on how you want it to turn out. We'll also consider material and assembly options to see how best to avoid unnecessary costs. Suffice to say; if you have an idea for a piece of terrain that doesn't exist in a pre-cast form, get in touch and we can certainly explore the options for making it a reality!

Full Table Setups & Battleboards

I can also do requests for full table setups and battleboards. Maybe you have an idea for a permanent terrain setup you'd like sculpted onto a 2'x2' table section, or you're tired of looking at bland, unpainted battleboards.

Whether it be carving rivers into foam 'tops', or building an intricate, multi-layered Hive City section for your existing table, get in touch and we'll figure out how best to go about it. The only limit is your imagination!

It should be noted that table-scaled projects like these can take considerable time in some cases. For especially large ideas there may be multiple weeks worth of work involved, not to mention material costs. Due to the nature of permanent terrain setups, they are also not easily modified once everything is in place. For these reasons, it's important to make sure every effort is made during the planning period that you're getting exactly what you want. While it will be possible to accommodate some changes to the original plan if it's changed midway through a project, it may not always be an option. The planning stages are easily the most important parts of large projects like these: especially where permanently modifying material is concerned.

Protective Finishes

In almost all cases, finished terrain will be varnished upon completion. Just as protecting the finish is important for army miniatures, it's equally so for terrain that will, over the course of it's lifetime, have dice bombed into it, perhaps miniatures knocked into it, and likely a lot of handling. As with the Army process, each terrain piece will recieve two coats of gloss varnish followed by one coat of matt varnish.

The only exception to the varnishing process will be when we're dealing with foam-like materials that bubble and melt under aerosols. In some cases it will be possible to give them a protective layer of PVA glue before varnishing, but it can be a risky process, and not one I will take without your consent.

As with all projects, if you'd prefer your finished pieces remain unvarnished, simply let me know and I can skip that stage.