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Parts Purchasing

While it is generally preferable to have the client supply the parts required for a miniature or piece of terrain and mail them to me, sometimes this isn't possible. In the event of a large number of items being required, or postage costs adding prohibitive cost to a project, it can be arranged that I purchase the necessary components on your behalf and have them delivered directly to me. In these instances, the cost of the parts and delivery will be added to the amount required when placing a deposit.

Paints & Supplies

The amount of supplies and paint required for a project depends a lot on the size and scope really. While a single miniature may not require much paint, or a small conversion may only require a little sculpting material and glue, there are other occasions where a whole army might require a lot of glue and paint. For small orders that use little supplies, the cost is contained within my working rate, and it's unlikely you'll have any additional expense on that front.

In cases where large amounts of supplies need bought, you will be billed based on the quantity of material used to complete the project. This will frequently include things like undercoat, varnish, and any pots of paint bought specifically for your commission, as well as miscellaneous hobby supplies like basing material, plasticard (if required) and any adhesives.

Basically, if it's something we need to make sure your miniature looks as badass as possible, it's impractical for me to absorb the entirety of the cost where large amounts of supplies are concerned.

Every project is different, so material costs can vary greatly between them. At the planning stage of things we'll be in a stronger position to figure out what we need and how much additional cost there will be.

Rest assured, however, that you will only ever be charged based on the materials and supplies used for your project.

Postage Options

With the exception of items exchanged in person, delivery will be handled by a courier service. Frequently this will include tracked delivery, and the option to insure your package to cover you against loss or damage in transit.

Delivery costs will vary depending on where the package is going, so this is something that will be arranged during the planning stages of a project.