The Hero Forge

The Conversion Process

So you've decided you're in need of something unique for your collection. Maybe it's simply some small changes to existing miniatures, or maybe it's something you have an idea for but perhaps not the means or experience to execute yourself. Maybe you don't know exactly what you want, but you know you want something badass to set your stuff apart from everyone elses stuff.

All of these options are possible.

On contacting me, the first thing we'll figure out is what kind of conversions you want. At this stage we'll also see if there are any budget considerations to keep in mind. This process can range from you having specific idea's that you'd like to see incorporated into your project, to letting my creativity run with a simple idea.

Once we have a good idea of what we're aiming for, we'll settle on what parts we need, where we can get them, and whether any sculpting will be involved. Most conversions require at least a small amount of sculpting, since there will inevitably be gaps that need filled, and area's that need smoothed out or blended in to keep the overall look of the miniature consistent.

At this point, we're pretty much ready to go. I'll give you an estimate on the overall cost, based on materials used, and the time I expect things will take. Where possible, I'll always attempt to work within a budget, but it's worth noting that sometimes your budget may not match up with the cost of materials and time that a project will require. In all cases, the estimated cost is exactly that. I'll make every attempt to keep the final price as close to the estimate as possible, but the conversion process tends to be a fluid one. In some cases it may be necessary to spend a little extra time re-posing something, or modifying a piece of sculptwork, and those little tweaks can add extra time (and therefore, cost) to a project.


The time required to convert/sculpt items can vary greatly.

A small posing tweak with a little gap filling may only take a couple of hours, and a kitbash of different parts that will mostly fit together somewhat seamlessly may be something similar.

More intricate projects can take considerable periods of time, depending on the parts used, whether they require pinning for stability, and the extent of any additional sculpting or posing. Very generally speaking, I aim to take no longer than 5-6 hours on a conversion, but it really does depend a lot on how much work is required, and the sizes of miniatures we're working with. Something like a custom Daemon Prince, where a large amount of sculpting and kitbashing may be required, could push the timeframe to longer periods.

A more accurate timeframe will be given once the details of a project have been settled on.