The Hero Forge

On Centrepieces

Centrepieces are projects, or parts of projects, that range from a little more time being spent on a character for an army, right up to the far end of the spectrum: exhibition level work.

They represent that extra time that takes a miniature from a standard tabletop level paintjob to a focal point in a collection.

In the planning stages of a project we'll figure out just how much effort you want put into your centrepiece, since the time spent on any one can range from a few hours, in the case of army characters, to dozens of hours, in the case of exhibition level work. Naturally there are levels between those two extremes that we can work with, depending on your budget and what kind of result you want.

Should we be working to a tight budget, essentially what will happen is that I'll start by blocking in the core colours, and then build detail uniformly until we run out of time. This results in a consistent level of detail across the entire miniature, rather than spending a lot of time on one aspect and not having enough left to match the remainder of the piece up with that one section.

Varnish on centrepieces can be a tricky aspect. In the case of centrepieces for things like armies, which will see tabletop use, varnish is necessary for protection purposes. When dealing with centrepieces that that may be finding a home in a display unit, the decision to varnish can be made based on the type of project. Since varnish isn't as important for miniatures that won't see a lot of handling, it's occasionally preferable to bypass that stage in order to retain the original finish, rather than having gloss or matt varnish distort cloth or metallic parts, respectively. The option to varnish will always be given, and I'm more than happy to offer advice on the pro's and con's of doing so if you'd like a second opinion, or if you're not quite sure.

Pricing for these types of projects can vary greatly, since there can obviously be huge difference in the time spent on each miniature. As with all Hero Forge projects, I'll give you an estimate on the final cost during the planning period, and do my best to finish as close to that as reasonably possible.

Dioramas and Scenes

Dioramas and Scenes cover aspects of miniature modelling that lean closer to the exhibition side of the hobby. They're frequently standalone pieces that aim to tell a story, or generate a certain atmosphere, and can involve multiple miniatures and potentially a lot of conversion work.

While I can certainly accommodate diorama and scene requests, it's worth bearing in mind that they can involve large amounts of time and will likely have additional material costs.


Often overlooked, basing is an important part of exhibition level work in particular. While we'd naturally want an army centrepiece to tie in with the rest of the basing scheme on an army, a standalone exhibition piece benefits greatly from some extra thought and effort being added to the environment the miniature inhabits.

Likewise, diorama's are generally more about the atmosphere and feel of a piece, sometimes with as much effort going into the base as the miniatures themselves.

Most centrepieces will see some, or lots, of extra attention given to the bases depending on the level of work on the miniature. The precise details of these aspects will be determined during the planning period at the start of a project.